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About This Project

This project was complicated and challenging in many ways but with challenges, comes positive results and excellent training potential.

The early photographs show the stripping process, uncovering the 100 year plus timbers which, thankfully, remained in good condition despite their age. The modern process of breather membranes is also highlighted (green underlay) which allows the new roof to breathe more effectively, particularly given the modern propensity to over insulate attic voids, causing condensation issues. The new slating (CUPA H3 slates from Northern Spain) is created on the turret with great care and excellent workmanship. The fish scale finish is consistent with Victorian turrets and is a replica of the aesthetic importance the Victorians entrusted in their architects.

This project won the prestigious Heritage award at the Scottish NFRC awards in 2010 and gave Bain & Irvine the opportunity to blood new apprentices in the type of works that are not readily available in the mainstream world of roofing.